The type of questions

The type of questions

LinQology challenges your ‘general’ general knowledge – not just clever pub quiz knowledge, but more everyday stuff. I’d like to think I’ve also added a hint of educational overlay (it’s always good to learn…;-))

How questions are asked

You will be presented with a ‘Grid’ of question and answer pairs – all related to a single ‘Theme’. One specific square will be your question and you have a certain amount of time to

What you need to answer a question

Not just general knowledge (although clearly this helps!). The format of the questions also gives you the opportunity to apply common sense, logic and your relative general knowledge in deducing the answer e.g. you’re not

You can become a LinQologist

I think the questions in the game are pretty damn good. But I equally expect you gamers to have some equally good, if not better ideas. If you submit your own ‘Theme’ for a new

Single Player or Multi Player

You can play single player or multi player. Single player can involve testing yourself question by question, or simply taking your time to match every pair on each page as it comes (like casually sifting