General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Quiz Round 01

  1. What is a pangram?
  2. Sentence containing all letters A to Z

  3. In which village does Postman Pat live?
  4. Greendale

  5. Which architect designed Brighton Pavilion?
  6. John Nash

  7. Who was the Roman god of war?
  8. Mars

  9. What was the Christian name of the furniture designer Chippendale?
  10. Thomas

  11. Which female icon was created by Ruth Handler in 1959?
  12. Barbie

  13. In which decade did the M1 motorway open?
  14. 1950s (1959)

  15. For which constituency was Tony Blair the MP when he was Prime Minister (1997-2007)?
  16. Sedgefield

  17. As whom was TV fitness expert Derrick Evans better known?
  18. Mr Motivator

  19. Name three of the original five Cinque Ports?
  20. Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, Romney and Hastings?

Quiz Round 02

  1. What is the international vehicle index mark for Israel?
  2. IL

  3. Which letter do more capital cities start with than any other?
  4. B

  5. What is 44 in Roman numerals?
  6. XLIV

  7. What type of commercials did ITV ban in 1965?
  8. Cigarettes

  9. Which is America’s Bluegrass State?
  10. Kentucky

  11. What piece of furniture is a Chesterfield?
  12. Sofa

  13. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?
  14. Italian

  15. What is the lowest prime number over 1000?
  16. 1,009

  17. Who was the Greek god of dreams?  (also the name of a main character in The Matrix films)
  18. Morpheus

  19. In which country was Lego invented?
  20. Denmark

Quiz Round 03

  1. What is 80 in Roman numerals?
  2. LXXX

  3. Which flower is the national emblem of Japan?
  4. Chrysanthemum

  5. In which Australian city are there more Maltese people than in Malta itself?
  6. Melbourne

  7. In which English county is the world’s first iron bridge?
  8. Shropshire

  9. Where do vehicles bearing the international index mark GBZ come from?
  10. Gibraltar

  11. What country used to be called Kampuchea?
  12. Cambodia

  13. Sacrilege is the violation of a sacred object or any transgression against the virtue of religion.  Spell sacrilegious.

  15. The Democratic Party is one of the two dominant political parties in the US.  Despite never having been formally adopted as its logo, what animal would you most closely associate with the party?
  16. Donkey

  17. In which year did ITV start?
  18. 1955

  19. Who was the Greek god of the sea?
  20. Poseidon

Quiz Round 04

  1. Who is the Greek goddess of victory?
  2. Nike

  3. At what temperature does the Fahrenheit temperature equal the Celcius temperature?
  4. minus 40

  5. Who did Charles Dickens take over from on the ten-pound note in 1992?
  6. Florence Nightingale

  7. What is the collective noun for a group of owls?
  8. Parliament

  9. Who did Mervyn King succeed as governor of the Bank of England?
  10. Eddie George

  11. What two words are inscribed on a Victoria Cross?
  12. For valour

  13. What is the longest month of the year?
  14. October (31 days + 1 hr as the clocks go back)

  15. If James is five, Henry is three, and Edward is two, who is one?
  16. Thomas (the tank engine)

  17. Where would you most commonly find the inscription ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’?
  18. Edge of a 2 pound coin (GBP)

  19. What is the largest country to have only one time zone?  (GMT +8)
  20. China

Quiz Round 05

  1. On 20th March in 1956, Tunisia gained independence from which country?
  2. France

  3. On 8th December in what year, was John Lennon assassinated in New York by Mark Chapman?
  4. 1980

  5. What was the name of the ship that first came to the rescue at the scene of the Titanic disaster?
  6. Carpathian

  7. What do the initials HB stand for on a pencil?
  8. Hard Black

  9. Name 3 of the 4 American Presidents carved into the granite rock on Mount Rushmore?
  10. Washington, Jefferson, T Roosevelt & Lincoln

  11. What famous building in Kentucky has doors each weighing 20 tons?
  12. Fort Knox

  13. Which rock band does Steve Tyler front?
  14. Aerosmith

  15. Whose first names are Anthony Charles Linton?
  16. Tony Blair

  17. Which beer uses the Laughing Cavalier as its logo?
  18. McEwan’s

  19. What nationality is Calvin Klein?
  20. American

Quiz Round 06

  1. Which is the largest and most well-known chocolate company in the USA?
  2. Hershey’s

  3. What is the name given the lines on a weather map connecting lines of equal temperature?
  4. Isotherm

  5. What does an oologist collect?
  6. Bird’s eggs

  7. As who did we better know convict Robert Franklin Stroud?
  8. The Birdman of Alcatraz

  9. The old German Deutschmark was comprised of one hundred what?
  10. Pfennigs

  11. Ergophobia is a fear of what?
  12. Work

  13. What is the minimum age at which one can legally drink alcohol on licensed premises with a meal?
  14. 14

  15. The loss of blood from the circulatory system is more commonly known as a haemorrhage.  Spell haemorrhage? (British English not American English)

  17. The snapdragon is the popular name for any plant of the genus antirrhinum.  Spell antirrhinum.

  19. The French call them Iles Normande.  What do we know them as in the UK?
  20. Channel Islands

Quiz Round 07

  1. How many letters in the alphabet have 180 degree rotational symmetry in their upper (capital) case?
  2. 7 (H, I, N, O, S, X, Z)

  3. With which social issue is the charity ‘Crisis’ involved?
  4. Homelessness

  5. There are many traditional English surnames that have a pronunciation that would appear to contradict the spelling e.g. Mainwaring, St John.  Another such surname is spelt (phonetically as) Featherstonhaugh, but how should one pronounce it?
  6. ‘Fanshawe’

  7. What is the singular of the word “graffiti”? (Italian meaning ‘little scratch’)
  8. Graffito

  9. What name was given by the Western Allies to the designated crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War for foreigners and members of the Allied forces?
  10. Checkpoint Charlie

  11. If a dish is cooked Florentine, with what is it cooked?
  12. Spinach

  13. On 24th January in 1965, which former British Prime Minister died at the age of 90?
  14. Winston Churchill

  15. Between what ages would you classify someone as a quinquagenarian?
  16. 50-59

  17. What does the acronym “quango” stand for?
  18. Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation

  19. What is the more common name of St Stephen’s Day?
  20. Boxing Day

Quiz Round 08

  1. HTML is the main ‘language’ used for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. But what does it stand for?
  2. Hyper text markup language

  3. What is the smallest mammal after which a year is named in the Chinese calendar?
  4. Rat

  5. From which fruit is the syrup grenadine made?
  6. Pomegranate

  7. How many sheets of paper are there in a ream?
  8. 500

  9. Onomatopoeia is a term used to describe a word that imitates the sound it describes (such as BANG!).  Spell Onomatopoeia.

  11. In which Spanish town is there a famous annual Bull Run?
  12. Pamplona

  13. Aneurin Bevan us famed for having created what organisation in 1948?
  14. National Health Service (NHS)

  15. Who shot and killed John Lennon in New York, December 1980 (8 December)?
  16. Mark Chapman

  17. In the Bible, what was the name of Cane and Abel’s younger brother?
  18. Seth

  19. A septuagenarian is a term used to describe someone in their 70s.  Spell septuagenarian.


Quiz Round 09

  1. What grammatical term describes a word that imitates the sound it describes?
  2. i>Onomatopoeia

  3. In the grounds of which house is Diana Princess of Wales buried?
  4. Althorp House

  5. The Americans call them ‘scallions’, but as what do we more commonly know them in the UK?
  6. Spring Onions

  7. As what do we now know, what was previously called Idlewild?
  8. JFK airport

  9. Which car company has a trident as its logo?
  10. Mazeratti

  11. What fruit is used to flavour the drink Southern Comfort?
  12. Peaches

  13. What name is given to the immense hall for the glorious dead in Norse mythology?
  14. Valhalla

  15. What does the W stand for in George W Bush?
  16. Walker

  17. What was the unit of currency in the Netherlands before the Euro was introduced?
  18. Guilder

  19. If any of my idols were in this room now, I would most certainly be ‘manoeuvring’ my way over to meet her.  Spell manoeuvring?

Quiz Round 10

  1. What does the abbreviation I.O.U stand for?
  2. I Owe Unto

  3. What religion translates as the ‘total surrender of oneself to God’?
  4. Islam

  5. Who won the first (UK) series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2004?
  6. Natasha Kaplinski

  7. Mensa is a world-renowned society for people with high IQs (specifically those with an IQ in the 98th percentile).  Mensa is a Latin word but what does it mean?
  8. Table (indicates a round table society of equals)

  9. The HQ of the CIA is at Langley.  In what state would you find it?
  10. Virginia

  11. Monday’s child is fair of face, Friday’s child is what?
  12. Loving & Giving

  13. What is the name of Russia’s national airline?
  14. Aeroflot

  15. What name is given to the process whereby a government moves constituency boundaries to maximise its voting support?
  16. Gerrymandering

  17. If someone commits regicide, what sort of person have they killed?
  18. Monarch

  19. With what global company would you most commonly associate Ray Kroc?
  20. McDonalds

Quiz Round 11

  1. What word can precede bank, brother and group?
  2. Blood

  3. For whom did Stevie Wonder write the song ‘Happy Birthday’? a)  The President, b) His mother, or c) Martin Luther King?
  4. Martin Luther King

  5. The Champs Elysees is the most prestigious avenue in Paris.  What does the word ‘Champs’ translate to in English?
  6. Fields

  7. How many capital cities (of countries) are used in the (NATO) Phonetic Alphabet?
  8. 1 (Lima – Quebec is not a capital)

  9. How many stripes does a police sergeant have on his arm?
  10. Three

  11. Which Royal residence is in Norfolk?
  12. Sandringham House

  13. A coeliac is a term used to describe someone who has an allergic reaction to wheat (and similar proteins).  Spell coeliac.

  15. Since its inception during World War II, the Dicken Medal, (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross) has been awarded to which creature the most times? a) Pigeon b) Horse c) Dog
  16. Pigeon

  17. At the State Opening of the British Parliament each year, who summons the Commons to the House of Lords to attend the monarch’s speech?
  18. Black Rod

  19. What is the flagship brand of lager in Jamaica?
  20. Red Stripe

Quiz Round 12

  1. The cartoon character Hagar the Horrible was used for the promotion of what beer in the late 1980s?
  2. Skol

  3. From which country does the beer Super Bock originate?
  4. Portugal

  5. Whose birth name was Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield?
  6. Jordan / Katie Price

  7. In the abbreviation P&O (as in P&O Ferries), what does the O stand for? a) Oriental b) Overseas c) Oliver
  8. Oriental (Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company)

  9. To whom is Sarah Jessica Parker married?
  10. Matthew Broderick

  11. In the song, the Twelve Days of Christmas, how many birds are there in total?
  12. 23 (1 Partridge, 2 turtle doves, 3 French hens, 4 colly birds, 6 six geese, 7 swans)

  13. What date is the Ides of March?
  14. 15th March

  15. What was the opening song of the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium in July 1985?
  16. Rockin’ All Over the World (Status Quo)

  17. What does ‘amen’ mean at the end of a prayer?
  18. So be it

  19. The ‘First Lord of the Treasury’ is most famous for holding what position in government?
  20. Prime Minister

Quiz Round 13

  1. What do the initials G.I. stand for? (as in G.I. Joe or G.I Jane)
  2. Government Issue

  3. If the Bah Mitzvah marks the coming of age of a boy in the Jewish faith, what marks the coming of age for a girl?
  4. Bat Mitzvah

  5. Where would you find a parson’s nose?
  6. On a chicken (or bird)

  7. What did the F stand for in John F Kennedy?
  8. Fitzgerald

  9. Where would I be travelling to in Wales if I followed signs for a ‘Maes Awyr’?
  10. Airport

  11. What ingredient turns curry yellow?
  12. Turmeric

  13. Many Welsh towns begin with the letters ABER e.g. Abergavenny, Aberystwyth, Abertawe (Swansea), Aberhondu (Brecon) etc.  This is equivalent to the Scottish prefix INVER, but what does it literally mean?
  14. Mouth of the river

  15. Who had his nose and two teeth broken with a souvenir model of Milan cathedral in December 2009?
  16. Silvio Berlusconi

  17. How many pips are there on the Greenwich Time Signal?
  18. 6 (5 short and 1 long)

  19. The centre of a Jammie Dodger biscuit is advertised as being what flavour, despite actually being made from plum jam?
  20. Raspberry

Quiz Round 14

  1. What is the English translation of the Welsh word Lloegr?
  2. England

  3. Who might adorn themselves with a Sgian Dubh? (ski-an doo)
  4. Scotsman (the black dagger in traditional Scottish dress)

  5. What contains more caffeine – a regular cup of coffee or tea?
  6. Coffee (although tea leaves have more on pound for pound basis)

  7. The well-known symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties in the US are that of what animals?
  8. Donkey & Elephant

  9. What is most significant about 20th January in the United States (and has been since 1937)?
  10. US presidential inauguration

  11. What is the main ingredient of a Molotov Cocktail?
  12. Petrol

  13. What does the term SWAT stand for in the US police force?
  14. Special Weapons and Tactics

  15. How many different letters are used in the Roman Numerals?
  16. 7 (I, V, X, L, C, D, M)

  17. The French do it on a Sunday, the Americans do it on a Tuesday, and the British do it on a Thursday?  What is it?
  18. Vote

  19. How many seconds delay are there between each of Big Ben’s strikes?
  20. 5 seconds

Quiz Round 15

  1. By what name do we better know Stefani Germanotta?
  2. Lady Gaga

  3. What do the initials IPA stand for in the name of a beer?
  4. Indian Pale Ale

  5. Who is the patron saint of France?
  6. St Denis

  7. What is a group (never more than 13) of witches called?
  8. A coven

  9. What product was advertised on TV with the jingle “They’re tasty tasty very very tasty…..they’re very tasty”?
  10. Kellogg’s Bran Flakes

  11. What type of tree is often found in churchyards?
  12. Yew

  13. Which boy band did Justin Timberlake leave to pursue a solo career?
  14. N-Sync

  15. What was the common age of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse when they died?
  16. 27

  17. A Pyrrhic victory is one whereby the victory comes at a great price (in terms of injury or death) – sometimes too great.  Spell Pyrrhic.

  19. From what country do Hyundai cars come?
  20. South Korea

Quiz Round 16

  1. In the tax year 2011-12, the UK Government earned a total of £466bn in revenues across all tax sources.  To within £2bn, how much came from inheritance tax?
  2. £3bn (£2.9bn)

  3. The shoes of which designer always carry a distinctive red sole?
  4. Christian Leboutin

  5. What is the next line of the jingle that begins “the red card and the blue car had a race….”
  6. All red wants to do is stuff his face

  7. David Cameron is actually a 5th cousin to Queen Elizabeth II.  He is a direct descendant of which UK monarch (via one of this monarch’s mistresses)?
  8. William IV

  9. Where are you most likely to find a model depicting the Spirit of Ecstasy?
  10. Rolls Royce

  11. What does MG in the car brand stand for?
  12. Morris Garages

  13. Which coloured Smartie is a different flavour from the rest?
  14. Orange

  15. By what name do we better know Paul Hewson?
  16. Bono

  17. Which English rock group have two albums bearing the same titles as Marx Brothers films?
  18. Queen (A Day at the Races & A Night at the Opera)

Quiz Round 17

  1. A short snatch of which country’s National Anthem begins The Beatles hit “All You Need Is Love”?
  2. France

  3. In music, how many quavers equal a minim?
  4. Four

  5. Tchaikovsky’s fairy-tale ballet, The Nutcracker, is based a novel by ETA Hoffman called “The Nutcracker and the WHAT”?
  6. Mouse King

  7. What is the only anagram of the word ‘English’?
  8. Shingle

  9. What are the colours of the e and the y in the logo ebay?
  10. Red and Green

  11. What would you typically find in a Jigger-pot?
  12. Milk or cream

  13. How is 99 expressed as a roman numeral?
  14. XCIX

  15. Starbucks Coffee was named after a character in which classic book?
  16. Moby Dick

  17. What is the predominant vegetable used to make Tzatziki?
  18. Cucumber

  19. Income tax forms the single largest source of revenues collected by UK Government (c.30%).  What is the second largest source?
  20. National Insurance (c.20%)

  21. The Canary Islands are named after what type of animal?
  22. Dogs