Geography Quiz Questions

Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz Round 01

  1. The name of which European capital city means ‘merchants’ harbour’?
  2. Copenhagen

  3. Travelling from London to Liverpool by rail, from which station would you normally depart?
  4. Euston

  5. What name is generally given to the single landmass that divided to form the modern continent?
  6. Pangaea

  7. What is the state capital of Pennsylvania?
  8. Harrisburg

  9. Which is the largest county in Ireland?
  10. Cork

  11. Which is the largest English county?
  12. North Yorkshire

  13. Which is the longest river in the world?
  14. Nile

  15. To the nearest hundred, how many islands make up the Hebrides?
  16. 500

  17. The Isis is the upper stretch of which English river?
  18. Thames

  19. Which country owns the Galapagos Islands?
  20. Ecuador

Quiz Round 02

  1. Vilnius is the capital of which country?
  2. Lithuania

  3. Behind Greenland, what is the largest island in the world? (Australia not considered an island)
  4. New Guinea

  5. Which of the following countries does not have the equator passing through it?  a) Brazil, b) Kenya or c) Papua New Guinea?
  6. Papua New Guinea

  7. What is the largest landlocked country in the world?
  8. Kazakhstan

  9. Which river flows through Chester?
  10. Dee

  11. What is the second longest river in the world?
  12. Amazon

  13. By what name are the islands of ‘Las Malvinas’ more commonly known?
  14. The Falkland Islands

  15. What are the only two countries that begin with the letter ‘A’ but do not end with an ‘A’?
  16. Afghanistan & Azerbaijan

  17. Zanzibar is an island region of which mainland country?
  18. Tanzania

  19. The Khyber Pass links which two countries?
  20. Pakistan & Afghanistan

Quiz Round 03

  1. How many countries border Belgium?
  2. 4 (France, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg)

  3. Which country rules over the Faroe Islands?
  4. Denmark

  5. Across which river was the Hoover Dam built?
  6. Colorado River

  7. What is the US state capital of Texas?
  8. Austin

  9. In which body of water would you find the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of any ocean?
  10. Pacific

  11. Minsk is the capital of which country?
  12. Belarus

  13. Tallinn is the capital of which country?
  14. Estonia

  15. There are two countries in the world that have a dragon on their national flag.  Wales is obviously one, but what is the other?
  16. Bhutan

  17. How many Federated states make up Australia? (excl. territories)
  18. 6

  19. In which European country is Dalmatia, from where the Dalmatian dog gets its name?
  20. Croatia

Quiz Round 04

  1. What is the only American state that begins with an A but doesn’t end with one?
  2. Arkansas

  3. What is the capital of Morocco?
  4. Rabat

  5. Behind Russia, what is the largest country in Europe?
  6. Ukraine

  7. The Suez Canal connects which two bodies of water?
  8. Mediterranean and Red Sea

  9. What is the highest mountain in North America?
  10. McKinley (Dinali) in Alaska

  11. Lanzarote is part of which island group?
  12. Canaries

  13. How many countries border India? (excluding Afghanistan, which the India government considers to be a bordering country, despite the Pakistan administered territory of Kashmir bordering India)
  14. 6 (Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar)

  15. What is significant about the Devon coastal town of Westward Ho!?
  16. Has exclamation mark.

  17. In which country would you find Timbuktu?
  18. Mali

  19. In which country is the city of Mecca?
  20. Saudi Arabia

Quiz Round 05

  1. Behind the Nile and the Amazon, what is the third longest river in the world?
  2. Mississippi

  3. How many America states begin with the letter ‘O’?
  4. 3 – Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon

  5. How many America states begin with the letter ‘M’?
  6. 8 – Mississippi, Massachusetts, Maine, Montana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri

  7. By what name is Ayers Rock officially known?
  8. Uluru

  9. How many stars appear on the national flag of New Zealand?
  10. 4

  11. What is the capital of Pakistan?
  12. Islamabad

  13. What river runs through Glasgow?
  14. Clyde

  15. How many countries/sovereign states are there in South America (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states)? (within 5)
  16. 12

  17. How many countries/sovereign states are there in Africa (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states)? (within 5)
  18. 54

  19. How many countries/sovereign states are there in Europe (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states – excludes Vatican City)? (within 5)
  20. 46

Quiz Round 06

  1. How many countries/sovereign states are there in North America (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states)? (within 5)
  2. 23

  3. How many countries/sovereign states are there in Asia (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states)? (within 5)
  4. 44

  5. How many countries/sovereign states are there in Oceania/Australasia (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states)? (within 5)
  6. 14

  7. How many countries/sovereign states are there in the world (as defined by the UN and excluding dependent states – excludes Vatican City/Kosovo)? (within 5)
  8. 193

  9. Which continent contains the most countries (as defined by the UN)?
  10. Africa (54)

  11. What is the most northerly capital city in Europe?
  12. Reykjavik

  13. Copacabana Beach can be found in which city?
  14. Rio de Janeiro

  15. On which river does Dublin stand?
  16. Liffey

  17. The peak of the mountain K2 is in which country?
  18. Pakistan

  19. What is the only country in the world beginning with the letter ‘O’?
  20. Oman

Quiz Round 07

  1. What stretch of water separates North America from Asia?
  2. Bering Strait

  3. What modern-day capital city is built on the site of ancient Carthage?
  4. Tunis

  5. Which country has the world’s longest coastline?
  6. Canada (243,000km)

  7. By area, which is the second largest of the US states?
  8. Texas (first being Alaska)

  9. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean?
  10. Sicily

  11. What island near Hong Kong is famous for gambling and motor racing?
  12. Macau

  13. Name one of the two landlocked countries in South America
  14. Bolivia and Paraguay

  15. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of which country?
  16. Mongolia

  17. If you were to be going to the city of Agra, what is likely to be on the top of your ‘places to see’ list?
  18. Taj Mahal

  19. The reference lines on a globe which circle the Earth parallel to the equator are lines of what?
  20. Latitude

Quiz Round 08

  1. As what do we better know Lake Tiberias?
  2. Sea of Galilee / Lake Galilee

  3. What is the capital of Oman?
  4. Muscat

  5. Where would you be arriving if your plane landed at Changi Airport?
  6. Singapore

  7. There are four time zones in the US – Eastern, Central, Pacific and which other?
  8. Mountain

  9. Which two countries share the honour of having the most borders with other countries?
  10. China & Russia (14)

  11. Which mountain range spans northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia?
  12. Atlas

  13. What is the world’s most southerly capital city?
  14. Wellington

  15. What country had the Roman name Hibernia?
  16. Ireland

  17. Which country’s national flag has the most colours?
  18. South Africa (6 – red, blue, green, white, black and gold)

  19. What is the name of the fault that causes the earthquakes around San Francisco?
  20. San Andreas

Quiz Round 09

  1. What is the largest lake in the Great Britain (by volume)?
  2. Loch Ness (contains more freshwater than all the lakes in England and Wales combined)

  3. How many degrees apart are two lines of longitude which determine a time zone?
  4. 15 = (360/24)

  5. What is the only English speaking country in South American?
  6. Belize

  7. Which two capital cities stand at the mouth of the River Plate?
  8. Buenos Airies and Montevideo

  9. In which country is the Gallipoli peninsula?
  10. Turkey

  11. On which river does the city of Belfast stand?
  12. River Lagan

  13. How many US states are preceded by the word New?
  14. 4 (New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico)

  15. What is the capital city of Colombia?
  16. Bogota

  17. What is the most populated of the US states?
  18. California (c.36m vs. Texas c.24m)

  19. What is the name of the bay that lies between Norfolk and Lincolnshire?
  20. The Wash

Quiz Round 10

  1. Name the city founded by Arabs around AD 625 which, with a population of over 6 million, is the largest city on the African continent
  2. Cairo

  3. What is the name given to people inhabiting central north Spain and the extreme southwest of France?
  4. Basque

  5. Which European was the first to discover the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in November of 1855?
  6. David Livingstone

  7. Name three of the only four US states whose names contain the letters “U”, “S” and “A”?
  8. Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina and South Dakota (Washington DC is not a state)

  9. What is the longest river in Europe?
  10. Volga (3692km, 2294m & 15th longest in the world)

  11. What is the name given to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean?
  12. Mariana Trench

  13. Which Channel Island is famous for having no cars?
  14. Sark

  15. Which island nation was formerly known as Formosa?
  16. Taiwan

  17. Which other country apart from the Vatican City is completely surrounded by Italy?
  18. San Marino

  19. What mountain range spans Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia?
  20. Atlas

Quiz Round 11

  1. Which Copenhagen amusement park is one of the oldest in the world?
  2. Tivoli Gardens

  3. Brunei is a kingdom situated on which island?
  4. Borneo

  5. Which of these three cities lies the furthest south?
  6. Toronto, Bordeaux or Budapest?  Toronto

  7. La Place de la Concorde is at one end of the Champs Elysees in Paris.  What lies at the other end?
  8. L’Arc de Triomphe

  9. In what modern day country would you find Chernobyl – site of the 1986 nuclear disaster?
  10. Ukraine

  11. Of which African country is Ouagadougou the capital? a) Mauritania b) Somalia or c) Burkina Faso
  12. Burkina Faso

  13. The Palk Strait separates which two Asian countries?
  14. Sri Lanka & India

  15. How many consonants are there in Kyrgyzstan?
  16. 9

  17. What is the only major river that has large sections of its river basin both north and south of the equator?
  18. Congo

  19. What is the county town of Essex?
  20. Chelmsford

Quiz Round 12

  1. According to NASA, National Geographic and many other publications, the driest and most desiccated part of the planet is the Atacama Desert in Chile.  Spell ‘desiccated’.

  3. How many countries have an Atlantic and a Mediterranean coastline?
  4. 3

  5. What is the longest river in Scotland?
  6. Tay

  7. What is the only country that is crossed by both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?
  8. Brazil

  9. In which British city is Lime Street railway station?
  10. Liverpool

  11. To the nearest 10%, what percentage of the world’s surface is land?  A)  20%  b) 30% c) 40%
  12. 30% (29% exactly)

  13. To the nearest 25m, what is the population of Japan?
  14. 125m (actual c.128m)

  15. Which country’s flag is a horizontal tricolour, with red at the top and black at the bottom, and has a middle white strip containing a gold eagle, representing the Eagle of Saladin.
  16. Egypt

  17. What is the largest island in Europe?
  18. Great Britain (not UK as this includes NI)

  19. What did British Honduras change its name to in 1973?
  20. Belize

Quiz Round 13

  1. What is the name of the square in front of the palace of Westminster?
  2. Parliament Square

  3. Which is the largest of the Caribbean islands?
  4. Cuba

  5. To which country does the island of Madeira belong?
  6. Portugal

  7. On which sea does Croatia stand?
  8. Adriatic Sea

  9. Through how many of South Africa’s 12 countries does the Amazon flow? a) 2 b) 5 c) 7
  10. 7

  11. What colour are the stars on the New Zealand flag?
  12. Red (with white border)

  13. If the Greenwich meridian is at zero degrees, what is at 180 degrees?
  14. The International Date Line

  15. Where would I be travelling to in Wales if I followed signs for Abertawe?
  16. Swansea

  17. Greenwich Meantime is no longer precisely defined by the scientific community.  What is now the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time?
  18. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/CUT)

  19. How many degrees from the Greenwich Meridien is the International Date Line?
  20. 180

Quiz Round 14

  1. What is the modern name for the country that was once called Abyssinia?
  2. Ethiopia

  3. Which US state would come last alphabetically?
  4. Wyoming

  5. Into which body of water does the Nile flow?
  6. The Mediterranean

  7. Name one of the two London boroughs that begin with the letter ‘E’?
  8. Ealing and Enfield

  9. The Grand Canyon is located in which state?
  10. Arizona

  11. To within 5 million, what is the current population of Portugal?
  12. 10 million

  13. To within 10%, what percentage of the Earth’s surface is land?
  14. 29%

  15. Which city is 88 miles from Birmingham, 71 miles from York and 43 miles from Leeds?
  16. Manchester

  17. What motorway connects Glasgow and Edinburgh?
  18. M8

  19. What is the only country that Denmark borders?
  20. Germany

Quiz Round 15

  1. In which ocean would you be if you were at the geographical position 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude?
  2. Atlantic

  3. The White Nile and the Blue Nile converge in the capital of which country?
  4. Republic of Sudan / North Sudan

  5. The River Nile flows predominantly through which country?
  6. Republic of Sudan / North Sudan

  7. In which county is Bishop Auckland?
  8. Durham

  9. Name either of the 2 cities that lie each end of Route 66 in the US?
  10. Chicago / Los Angeles

  11. In which city would you find the Spanish Steps?
  12. Rome

  13. Which is the largest country in the world with a four letter name?
  14. Iran

  15. In what US state would you find Death Valley?
  16. California

  17. In which European country are the states called Cantons?
  18. Switzerland

  19. What is the bleak and arid portion of South Argentina called?
  20. Patagonia

Quiz Round 16

  1. In what country would you be if you were on the tip of the Horn of Africa?
  2. Somalia

  3. Excluding Antarctica, which continent extends the furthest south (mainland)?
  4. South America

  5. What is created when the loop of a meander of a river is cut off and the river diverted on a different course?
  6. Oxbow lake

  7. In what country would you find Hudson Bay?
  8. Canada

  9. Which two countries form the coastline of the Bay of Biscay?
  10. France & Spain

  11. Which country has the only active volcano in mainland Europe?
  12. Italy

  13. If you travel due east from New York City, which country do you reach first?
  14. Portugal

  15. The equator passes through only one Asian country – which one?
  16. Indonesia

  17. Victoria Falls stand on which African river?
  18. Zambezi

  19. In which city are the Petronas Towers?
  20. Kuala Lumpa

Quiz Round 17

  1. Which islands north of the UK are an autonomous region of Denmark?
  2. Faeroe Islands

  3. What is the only country to have its map on its national flag?
  4. Cyprus

  5. What is the former name of Sri Lanka?
  6. Ceylon

  7. Name 2 of the 4 countries that contain just one vowel
  8. Egypt, Chad, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan

  9. Which is colder on average – the north or South Pole?
  10. South Pole (much higher, and mostly on land)

  11. How many states make up the United Arab Emirates?
  12. 7 (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain)

  13. Which is the shortest crossing (land only, not including ice): a) Spain to Gibraltar (Straight of Gibraltar); b) Dover to Calais (Straight of Dover); or c) Russia to US (across Bering Straight)?
  14. a) 9m (vs. 21m and 51m respectively)

  15. Excluding Russia, what is the most populated country in Europe?
  16. Germany

  17. Palatine, Capitoline, Esquiline, Caelia, Aventine, Viminal and Quirnal are more commonly known as what?
  18. Seven Hills of Rome

  19. By surface area, what is the world’s largest enclosed inland body of water?
  20. Caspian Sea