History Quiz Questions

Quiz Round 01

  1. In which year did the pound note cease to be legal tender in Britain?
  2. 1988

  3. The sinking of which ship brought the USA into World War I?
  4. RMS Lusitania

  5. Who was the mother of Mary I of England?
  6. Catherine of Aragon

  7. Which influential family of bankers was prominent in Florence in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries?
  8. Medici

  9. Who became King of England in 1327?
  10. Edward III

  11. In which century was Isaac Newton born?
  12. 17th

  13. Who was president of France from 1981 to 1995?
  14. Francois Mitterand

  15. In which decade did India achieve independence from Britain?
  16. 1940s (1947)

  17. In which year was the General Strike?
  18. 1926

  19. How many Israelis were killed at the Munich Olympics in 1972?
  20. 9

Quiz Round 02

  1. The Medici family were an influential family of bankers prominent in which city in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries?
  2. Florence

  3. During which battle did the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade take place?
  4. Balaclava

  5. In which year did the UK join the European Union?
  6. 1973

  7. Who was the first English king from the House of Lancaster?
  8. Henry IV

  9. Who was Henry VIII’s fifth wife?
  10. Catherine Howard

  11. On 15th July in 1997, serial killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan gunned down and killed his fifth and final victim on the doorstep of their home in Miami Beach?  Who was this fifth and final victim?
  12. Gianni Versace

  13. In which forest was William II of England killed while out hunting (by accident)?
  14. New Forest

  15. A cousin of Edward VI, which queen was said to have ruled England for just 9 days?
  16. Lady Jane Grey

  17. Who was said to have fiddled while Rome burned?
  18. Nero

  19. What is accredited as being the first national census of England?
  20. Domesday Book

Quiz Round 03

  1. In which decade was the Gunpowder Plot?
  2. 1600-1610 (1605)

  3. Who was monarch at the time of the gunpowder plot in 1605?
  4. King James I

  5. Who was the second president after George Washington?
  6. John Adams

  7. Who was the first Tudor king of England?
  8. Henry VII

  9. The D-Day landings on 6th June 1944 were known by which codename?
  10. Operation Overlord

  11. How many beaches were used in the Normandy landings on D-Day (6th June 1944)?
  12. 5

  13. Which country was England’s opponent in the 100 years’ war?
  14. France

  15. Which volcano erupted to wipe out Pompeii in 79 AD?
  16. Vesuvius

  17. On 2nd October in 1836, which British naturalist returned to England aboard the HMS Beagle ending a 5 year surveying expedition of the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans?
  18. Charles Darwin

  19. On 3rd October in 1936, which country won independence from Britain?
  20. Iraq

Quiz Round 04

  1. What date would you associate the execution of Operation Overlord?
  2. 4th June (D-day)

  3. Born in Wiltshire in 1632, who was the acclaimed English architect responsible for the rebuilding of 52 churches after the after the Great Fire of London?
  4. Sir Christopher Wren

  5. The Black Prince was the son of which king of England?
  6. Edward III

  7. Who jumped/fell to Earth from 39,045 feet in 2012, breaking the record for the fastest freefall in history by breaking the sound barrier?
  8. Felix Baumgartner

  9. What were the names of the three legitimate children of Henry VIII?
  10. Mary, Elizabeth, Edward

  11. Which infamous couple were responsible for the brutal murders at 25 Cromwell Street?
  12. Fred & Rose West

  13. The assassination of whom, precipitated the beginning of World War 1?
  14. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  15. Who uttered the famous words “Dr Livingston I presume”?
  16. Henry Stanley

  17. Which American President saw active service in both the first and second World Wars?
  18. Eisenhower

  19. Wives were finally allowed to do what to their husbands in 1923?
  20. Divorce them for adultery

Quiz Round 05

  1. What was the name of the ship that carried Charles Darwin across the world during his years of enlightenment in theorising his “Origins of Species”?
  2. HMS Beagle

  3. Name 4 of the five landing beaches used in the Normandy landings on D-Day
  4. Utah, Omaha, Juno, Gold and Sword

  5. The 30 years’ war in the 17th century was initially fought as a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics.  Did it last for a) more than 30 years b) fewer than 30 years, c) 30 years?
  6. c) 30 years (1618-1648)

  7. Which famous person in history was shot by John Wilkes Booth?
  8. Abraham Lincoln

  9. Which town was the scene of the Gunfight at the OK Corral?
  10. Tombstone

  11. How many months were there in the ancient Roman year?
  12. 10

  13. Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?
  14. Jack Ruby

  15. In which country were the Crown Jewels held in during WWII?
  16. Wales (Aberystwyth)

  17. Which country became officially independent after the signing of the Paris Treaty in 1783?
  18. America

  19. Which Greenpeace vessel was sunk by the French in Auckland Harbour?
  20. The Rainbow Warrior

Quiz Round 06

  1. In what decade was the Berlin Wall erected?
  2. 1960s (1961)

  3. In which city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated leading to the outbreak of WWI?
  4. Sarajevo

  5. Who did Henry VIII marry on this day in 1543 (12 July)?
  6. Catherine Parr

  7. In what year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour, prompting the US to get involved in WWII?
  8. 1941

  9. What was the name of the Palestinian terrorist group that kidnapped 11 Israeli athletes from the 1972 Munich Olympic Games?
  10. Black September

  11. Who was the last monarch of the ‘Stuarts’ era?
  12. Queen Anne

  13. Who was JFK’s vice president?
  14. Lyndon Johnson

  15. At which battle did Lord Nelson lose his life?
  16. Trafalgar

  17. In which year did Queen Elizabeth II celebrate her Silver Jubilee?
  18. 1977

  19. In which year did Pope John Paul II visit Great Britain?
  20. 1982

Quiz Round 07

  1. How long did the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967 last?
  2. 6 days

  3. Henry II’s (alleged) utterance of the words “will someone not rid me of this turbulent priest”, acted as the catalyst for the murder of whom?
  4. Thomas Beckett

  5. In which year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?
  6. 1990

  7. In 1803 who started shipping portions of the sculpted frieze from the Parthenon in Greece to England?
  8. Lord Elgin

  9. Who was the first Hanoverian King of England?
  10. George I

  11. Which financier and statesman was prime minister of Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896?
  12. Cecil Rhodes

  13. What was the name of the blind Benedictine monk who invented champagne?
  14. Dom Perignon

  15. What did Henry Beck famously map out in 1932?
  16. London underground

  17. Discovered in 1799, the Rosetta Stone was instrumental in advancing modern understanding of what?
  18. Hieroglyphic writing

  19. Which William, paved the way for the abolition of the slave trade in 1807?
  20. William Wilberforce

Quiz Round 08

  1. The discovery of what in 1799 became instrumental in understanding Hieroglyphic writing?
  2. Rosetta Stone

  3. The Black Prince is generally accepted as being an effective military leader in the 14th century.  In which war was he involved in?
  4. Hundred year’s war

  5. Who did Henry VII defeat in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth, ending the War of the Roses?
  6. Richard III

  7. The ‘unsuccessful’ Bay of Pigs invasion occurred in which country in 1961?
  8. Cuba

  9. Which 20th century Head of State survived the most known assassination attempts? (Charles de Gaulle, Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini)
  10. Charles de Gaulle

  11. In which year was Hong Kong handed back to the Chinese?
  12. 1997

  13. How many UK monarchs reigned in the 20th century?
  14. 6 (Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II)

  15. Which countries contested the hundred year’s war?
  16. England and France

  17. For how many years did the hundred year’s war last? (to within 5 years)
  18. 116

  19. 80.       Which monarch is credited with uniting England and Scotland to form Great Britain under the Acts of Union?
  20. Queen Anne (1707)

Quiz Round 09

  1. Aboard which ship did Captain Scott sail to Antarctica in 1902
  2. Discovery

  3. Which queen of England was pregnant 17 times but only gave birth to one child that lived past the age of 2?
  4. Queen Anne

  5. Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales was the eldest son of Edward III and father to Richard II.  He was also an effective military leader.  By what name is he better known?
  6. The Black Prince

  7. James Earl Ray was convicted of assassinating who in 1968?
  8. Martin Luther King

  9. What is the earliest recorded Roman town in England?
  10. Colchester

  11. How do we better know the Volstead Act, which came into force in the USA in 1919?
  12. Prohibition

  13. Parker and Barrow are the surnames of which infamous couple?
  14. Bonnie and Clyde

  15. By what name was Sir Arthur Wellesley better known?
  16. Duke of Wellington

  17. Which famous speech of the 20th century began “At long last, I am able to say a few words of my own”?
  18. Abdication speech of Edward VIII

  19. If you take the year of the Battle of Trafalgar, and subtract the year of the Battle of Agincourt, what number are you left with?
  20. 390 (1805 – 1415)

Quiz Round 10

  1. In which century did the Black Death devastate Europe?
  2. 14th

  3. Robert Catesby is famous for having led and organised which infamous crime?
  4. Gunpowder Plot

  5. In which country was Princess Elizabeth when she heard the news that her father, King George VI had died?
  6. Kenya

  7. In which year did Prince Andrew marry Sarah Ferguson?
  8. 1986

  9. How were the wars between Carthage and Rome known?
  10. Punic Wars

  11. Who succeeded Joseph Stalin as President of the Soviet Union in 1953?
  12. Nikita Khrushchev

  13. On January 15th in 1889, the Pemberton Medicine Company was officially incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia with a share capital of €50k.  By what name do we now know this company?
  14. The Coca Cola Company

  15. What was the former name of Taiwan?
  16. Formosa

  17. Defending what did Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis and Jim Bowie die?
  18. The Alamo

  19. In which war were the SAS formed?
  20. World War II (1941 in North Africa)

Quiz Round 11

  1. Who was the emperor of Japan during World War II?
  2. Hirohito

  3. Which London prison did great train robber Ronald Biggs escape from in 1965?
  4. Wandsworth

  5. In 1962 Britain and France signed an agreement which led to co-operation in building what?
  6. Concorde

  7. What was the project code name used in WWII for the development of the Atomic Bomb?
  8. Manhattan

  9. Which Nobel Prize did Winston Churchill receive?
  10. Literature (1953)

  11. Who is the only US president to have served more than 2 terms?
  12. Franklin D Roosevelt

  13. Which Israeli Prime Minister was assassinated while still in office in 1995?
  14. Yitzhak Rabin

  15. True or False – Franklin D Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were related
  16. True (albeit from a distance – they were fifth cousins)

  17. For how many years was England without a monarch during Oliver Cromwell’s reign over the Commonwealth of England (including the reign of his son Richard)? i.e. from the date Charles I was beheaded to the restoration of the monarchy with Charles II
  18. 11 years 4mths (30 Jan 1649 to 29 May 1660)

  19. What year did Germany celebrate unification?
  20. 1990

Quiz Round 12

  1. What year did the Queen refer to as “Annus Horriblis” in her annual Christmas message?
  2. 1992 (fire at Windsor Castle, marital problems with Charles/Diana etc. etc.)

  3. In 1999, what title did Prince Edward acquire?
  4. Earl of Wessex

  5. Which Spanish king launched the Spanish Armada against the English in 1588?
  6. Phillip II

  7. What started at Pudding Lane and finished at Pie Corner?
  8. The Great Fire of London (1666)

  9. What position did John Major hold before becoming Prime Minister in 1990?
  10. Chancellor of the Exchequer

  11. Who did Gavrilo Princip assassinate?
  12. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  13. In which city was John F Kennedy assassinated?
  14. Dallas

  15. Which successful Celtic leader from the Iceni tribe, attacked Roman London in 1st century AD killing c.70,000 people?
  16. Queen Boudica

  17. What name was given to the heir to the French throne from 1350 to 1830?
  18. Dauphin

  19. Between them, Henry VIII’s wives were of three different nationalities.  What three were they?
  20. English, Spanish, German

Quiz Round 13

  1. Name the two terms that Mikhail Gorbachev gave to his two key policies of reform for restructuring and openness?
  2. Glasnost and Perestroika

  3. Who created havoc in 1938, when his radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” was believed to be true?
  4. Orson Welles

  5. In which European city would you find Anne Frank’s house?
  6. Amsterdam

  7. Which Argentinian cruiser was controversially sunk by British forces during the Falklands War with the loss of nearly 400 men?
  8. General Belgrano

  9. Who lost her head at Fotheringay Castle in 1587?
  10. Mary Queen of Scots

  11. How many American colonies signed the declaration of independence from Britain in 1776?
  12. 13

  13. With what did the CIA reputedly try to assassinate Fidel Castro?
  14. An exploding cigar

  15. Where was Thomas a Becket murdered (allegedly at the orders of Henry II)?
  16. Canterbury Cathedral

  17. True or False:  Margaret Thatcher was a member of the Labour Party for almost two years in her youth.
  18. FALSE

  19. By what name was Ras Tafari better known?
  20. Haile Selassie

Quiz Round 14

  1. How many British Popes have there been?
  2. One

  3. Who, allegedly, was stabbed, fed cakes and wine laced with cyanide, and shot twice, but only died after being tied up and thrown into a river?
  4. Rasputin

  5. Who was T.E. Lawrence better known as?
  6. Lawrence of Arabia

  7. Which of the 12 apostles was a tax collector?
  8. Matthew

  9. What item of fashion did Mary Quant invent?
  10. Mini-skirt

  11. How many of the 626 people featured on the Bayeux Tapestry are women? a) none; b) 1-10; or c) >10
  12. b) 3

  13. Name the two countries who joined the European Common Market at the same time as the UK in 1973
  14. Ireland and Denmark

  15. What deadly disease was finally declared eradicated by the World Health Organisation in 1979?
  16. Smallpox

  17. In what century did the dodo become extinct?
  18. 17th

  19. Who did the original Peeping Tom peep at in 1040?
  20. Lady Godiva

Quiz Round 15

  1. In which city was the ill-fated Titanic built?


  • How many military Crusades were fought to take the Holy Land between 1096 and 1204?
  • 9

  • What type of product was featured on the first UK TV commercial?
  • Toothpaste

  • What London street was synonymous with fashion in the 1960s?
  • Carnaby Street

  • Nicholas Breakspear is the only Englishman to do what?
  • Become Pope

  • Which English King did Robert the Bruce defeat at Bannockburn?
  • Edward II

  • Emmeline Pankhurst founded what movement in the early 20th century?
  • Suffragettes (originally coined by Daily Mail as a derogatory term for the women’s suffrage in the UK)

  • In what year was the one pound coin introduced in the UK?
  • 1983

  • The last execution in the Tower of London occurred in what century?
  • 20th (1941 – Josef Jakobs – German spy)

  • What nationality was the explorer we commonly know as John Cabot? (his exploration was commissioned by the English crown)
  • Italian (Giovanni Caboto)

    Quiz Round 16

    1. What was the name of the world’s first test-tube baby, born in 1978?
    2. Louise Brown

    3. What did Henry Beck famously map out in 1932?
    4. London Underground

    5. Which war was fought between 1936 and 1939?
    6. Spanish Civil War

    7. Who preceded Queen Victoria on the British throne?
    8. William IV

    9. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum was the first product to include what on its packaging in 1974?
    10. Barcode

    11. What was the number of the Apollo mission that first landed on the moon?
    12. Apollo 11

    13. In which British town did Michael Ryan run riot, killing 14 people in 1987?
    14. Hungerford

    15. Who was voted leader of the British suffragette movement in 1906?
    16. Emmeline Pankhurst

    17. Which industrialist became the world’s first billionaire in 1909?
    18. John D Rockefeller

    19. What was the name of the ferry that overturned outside the port of Zeebrugge in 1987?
    20. Herald of Free Enterprise

    Quiz Round 17

    1. In WWI, by what name was Manfred von Richtofen better known?
    2. The Red Baron

    3. What did the Romans call Scotland?
    4. Caledonia

    5. Which former country was originally called The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes?
    6. Yugoslavia

    7. Which famous battle was fought on UK soil on 24 June 1314?
    8. Bannockburn

    9. What relation is Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Victoria?
    10. Great Great Granddaughter

    11. Who married Margaret Kempson in 1942 and Margaret Roberts in 1951?
    12. Denis Thatcher

    13. Which war was fought by an alliance of the Britain Empire, the France Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia against the Russia Empire between 1853 and 1856?
    14. Crimean War

    15. Which two religions were the Spanish Inquisition trying to eradicate?
    16. Judaism and Islam

    17. To the inhabitants of the islands of Samoa, what was unusual about the date 30 December 2011?
    18. It didn’t exist

    19. How many nations have had astronauts walk on the moon?
    20. 1 (USA)

    Quiz Round 18

    1. Only 12 men have ever walked on the surface of the moon.  How many of these were Russian?
    2. None

    3. In which decade was Diet Coke launched?
    4. 1980s

    5. By what name do we more commonly know John Merrick?
    6. The Elephant Man

    7. In which decade was the death penalty for murder abolished in Britain?
    8. 1960s (1965)

    9. Until 1949, which European county governed Indonesia?
    10. Netherlands

    11.  In WW2 what were the German tank divisions called?
    12. Panzers

    13. In what type of establishment did the Great Fire of London start in September 1666?
    14. Bakery

    15. What took place in Griffin’s Wharf in America in 1773?
    16. The Boston Tea Party

    17. What important manuscripts from c.400 years BC were discovered in an Israeli cave c.60 years ago?
    18. Dead Sea Scrolls

    19. How was a fishing dispute between Britain and Iceland in the Fifties and Seventies nicknamed?
    20. The Cod War