Sport & Games

Quiz Round 01

  1. The official Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, but what does it mean?
  2. Swifter, higher, stronger

  3. How many points is a letter ‘V’ worth in Scrabble?
  4. 4

  5. In which English city did Roger Bannister become the first athlete to run the mile in under four minutes?
  6. Oxford

  7. How many medals did swimmer Mark Spitz win at the 1972 Olympics?
  8. 7

  9. Who was the first foreign manager to win the Premiership?
  10. Arsene Wenger

  11. What is the national sport of Japan?
  12. Sumo wrestling

  13. Who did Muhammed Ali beat in the ‘thriller in Manilla’ to retain his heavyweight title?
  14. Joe Frazier

  15. How many players are there on a women’s lacrosse team?
  16. 12

  17. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?
  18. Eldrich

  19. On which racecourse is the Scottish Grand National run?
  20. Ayr

Quiz Round 02

  1. On which lake was Donald Campbell killed in Bluebird while attempting to break the World Water Speed Record?
  2. Coniston Water

  3. When was the only time all four home international football countries qualified for the World Cup finals (Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland)?
  4. 1958

  5. On which racecourse is the Welsh Grand National run?
  6. Chepstow

  7. How many gold medals did team GB win at the London 2012 Olympics?
  8. 29

  9. Which Olympic sport needs a planting box?
  10. Pole Vault

  11. During the London 2012 Olympics, Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time.  How many Olympic gold medals in total does he now have to his name?
  12. 18

  13. What sport would you be playing if competing for the Harry Vardon trophy?
  14. Golf

  15. In the Olympic Games, what five sports make up the modern pentathlon?
  16. Running, fencing, swimming, show jumping and shooting

  17. Which Colombian footballer was murdered after scoring an own goal in the 1994 World Cup finals?
  18. Andreas Escobar

  19. In Monopoly, how much does it cost to get out of jail if you don’t have a ‘get out of jail free’ card?
  20. £50

Quiz Round 03

  1. Which number lies at 9 o’clock on a dartboard?
  2. 11

  3. Who won the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987?
  4. New Zealand

  5. Who did New Zealand beat in the inaugural Rugby Union World Cup final in 1987?
  6. France

  7. Who did Everton beat 2-0 in the 1984 FA Cup final?
  8. Watford

  9. In which winter Olympic Games did Torvell & Dean win ice skating gold in 1984?
  10. Sarajevo

  11. What is the highest 3 dart score that can win a game of darts?
  12. 170

  13. How many points are needed to win a game of table tennis?
  14. 11

  15. Hampshire play at which county cricket ground?
  16. The Rose Bowl

  17. If you took the number of rooms in a standard game of Cluedo and added the number of balls on a snooker table at the start of the frame – what number would you end with?
  18. 9 + 22 = 31

  19. In what year did Clive Woodward become the head coach of the England rugby union team?
  20. 1997

Quiz Round 04

  1. In which sport are competitors forbidden to play left handed?


  • How many pieces are the in a standard set of dominoes?
  • 28

  • Who scored the first ever football Premiership goal in 1992?
  • Brian Deane

  • How many different scoring sections are there on a conventional dart board? (excluding missing the board…!)
  • 82

  • Andy Murray clinched the US Open title in 2012, ending a very long wait for a British major winner.  Before Andy Murray, who was the last British person to win a tennis major?
  • Virginia Wade (1977)

  • The ‘amateurism’ requirements were dropped from the Olympic Games in the 1970s.  Which one sport however, still prohibits professionals from entering?
  • Boxing

  • What do the Olympic rings represent?
  • The 5 main continents (N/S America combined)

  • In golf, if I play off a 24 handicap and I score a par on the hardest hole on the course, how many stableford points would I get?
  • 4

  • What is the name of the sign Language used by bookmakers to exchange odds at racecourses?
  • Tic-tac

  • How many players are there in a netball team?
  • 7

    Quiz Round 05

    1. Which well-known tennis venue lies in the Queen’s district of NY city?
    2. Flushing Meadows

    3. At which racecourse is the Derby and the Oaks traditionally run?
    4. Epsom

    5. Who did David Haye beat in November 2009 to become Britain’s first world heavyweight boxing champion since Lennox Lewis?
    6. Nikolai Valuev

    7. What is the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup golf tournament called?
    8. The Walker Cup

    9. At which racecourse is the St Leger traditionally run each September? Hint – only Northern racecourse to stage a Classic
    10. Doncaster

    11. On which race track did Ayrton Senna tragically lose his life in 1994? (country or course name)
    12. San Marino (Imola)

    13. How many housing property squares are there on a Monopoly board?
    14. 22

    15. In football, which is the only club to have won the European Cup more times than it won its domestic top league?
    16. Nottingham Forest

    17. How many columns are there in the game Connect 4?
    18. 7

    19. If I were to go see a motor racing event at Estoril, in what country would I be?
    20. Portugal

    Quiz Round 06

    1. In 5 card poker, put the following 4 hands into increasing order of rank.  Full House, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush
    2. Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full House

    3. Who was the first player in the world to score more than 1,000 points in international rugby?
    4. Neil Jenkins (against England in 2001)

    5. In which Olympics did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal?
    6. 1984 (Los Angeles)

    7. What is the ‘perfect score’ in a game of Ten Pin Bowling?
    8. 300

    9. What number lies at 6 o’clock on a standard dartboard?
    10. 3

    11. Which UK city has an elite ice hockey team called the Panthers?
    12. Nottingham

    13. After which household object was American footballer William Perry nicknamed?
    14. Refrigerator

    15. Which Scottish football club did Alex Ferguson manage before joining Manchester United?
    16. Aberdeen

    17. How many hurdles have to be cleared in the 110m hurdles?
    18. 10

    19. Frankel was the highest-rated racehorse in the world from May 2011 until retiring to stud recently. He had an unbeaten career record, winning how many races since his debut in 2010?
    20. 14

    Quiz Round 07

    1. Which English football team plays in the Scottish league?
    2. Berwick Rangers

    3. What number lies at 3 o’clock on a standard dartboard?
    4. 6

    5. What name is given to a bullfighter on horseback?
    6. Picador

    7. For which English county did the great Viv Richards play the majority of his cricket?
    8. Somerset

    9. How many different methods are there of getting dismissed in cricket?
    10. 10 (hit wicket, caught, run out, handled ball, stumped, hit ball twice, timed out, LBW, obstructed field)

    11. What number does the Bingo call ‘Tweak of a Thumb’ represent?
    12. 51

    13. What number does the Bingo call ‘Top of the Shop’ represent?
    14. 90

    15. The 1981 and 1997 F1 Drivers’ Championships were won by which father and son?
    16. Gilles & Jacques Villeneuve

    17. On which racecourse is the Whitbread Gold Cup run?
    18. Sandown Park

    19. Which rugby union team plays its home games at Franklin’s gardens?
    20. Northampton

    Quiz Round 08

    1. In a game of chess, how many different choices do you have for your first move?
    2. 20 (8 pawns can move in one of 2 ways, as can both knights)

    3. Why do some football clubs have square corner flags, and others triangular?
    4. Triangular flags show the team has won the FA Cup

    5. In a 1997 boxing bout, out of whose ear did Mike Tyson take a bite?
    6. Evander Holyfield

    7. What colour flag is waved during a Grand Prix to indicate danger ahead and that overtaking is prohibited?
    8. Yellow

    9. Who was the first European golfer to win the US Masters at Augusta?
    10. Seve Ballesteros (1980)

    11. In darts, what name is given to the line behind which players must stand when throwing?
    12. Oche

    13. Boris Becker won his first Wimbledon at the age of 17 on this day (7th July) back in what year?
    14. 1985

    15. What game starts with a squidge off?
    16. Tiddlywinks

    17. What does it mean if a racehorse is described as a maiden?
    18. It hasn’t won a race yet

    19. In which Olympics did Linford Christie get disqualified from the 100m final after two false starts?
    20. 1996 Atlanta

    Quiz Round 09

    1. How many numbered compartments are there on a roulette wheel?
    2. 37 (0-36)

    3. Who did Lewis Hamilton overtake in the dying seconds of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix to clinch the F1 drivers’ championship by just one point?
    4. Timo Glock

    5. What name is given to the score 111 in cricket?
    6. Nelson

    7. Why is the Indy 500 so called?  a) 500 miles, b) 500 km c) 500 laps d) none of the above
    8. a) 500 miles (200 laps, 804 km)

    9. In what sport could you win the Wanamaker trophy?
    10. Golf (USPGA)

    11. Name one of the three English football clubs that have the right to wear their home strip at all times? (Note – in recent years this right has not always been exercised due to the extra financial rewards that having an away strip brings)
    12. Reading (the ‘Royal’ club), Preston North End (first winners of the Football league) and Notts County (first registered club)

    13. What colour jersey does the King of the Mountains rider wear in the Tour de France?
    14. White with red dots

    15. How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match?
    16. 4

    17. In 2004, football pundit Ron Atkinson resigned over comments he had made about which player?
    18. Marcel Desailly

    19. What is the first property you’d pass on a standard Monopoly board?
    20. Old Kent Road

    Quiz Round 10

    1. There are currently 3 football teams in the football league with an ‘X’ in their name.  Who are they? (correct at 2012/13 season)
    2. Exeter City, Crewe Alexandra, Oxford City

    3. Which aptly named Australian woman has won more tennis grand slams than any other woman?
    4. Margaret Court

    5. In Rugby Union, by what nickname are the Argentinians known?
    6. Pumas

    7. Who commentated on the 1966 World Cup Final and uttered the now immortal line “They think it’s all over….it is now!”?
    8. Kenneth Wolstenholme

    9. Which ‘KC’ did Boris Becker beat in 1985 to become, at the time, the youngest ever Wimbledon champion?
    10. Kevin Curren

    11. What does the TT stand for in motorcycling’s TT Races? A) Total Tyres (the event’s first sponsors) b) Tourist Trophy; or c) Time Trial
    12. b) Tourist Trophy

    13. How long does a 12-round boxing match last if it goes the full distance? (first bell to last bell)
    14. 47 minutes

    15. Which runner held world records simultaneously at 1500m, 2000m, 3000m and 5000m in 1990?
    16. Said Aouita

    17. If I were to place a £2 each-way bet on a 16-1 horse, and it came in first, how much in total would the bookmaker give me back?
    18. £44

    19. What nationality was Eric the Eel, a swimmer who won brief international fame in the 2000 Olympic Games by recording a phenomenally slow time in the 100m freestyle?
    20. Equatorial Guinea

    Quiz Round 11

    1. What is the total distance raced in a men’s Olympic Triathlon? (nearest 0.5km or 1.0m)
    2. 51.5km (32m) = 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

    3. Which English football club was the first to field a match day squad with no English players?
    4. Arsenal (in 2005 vs. Crystal Palace)

    5. Tony McCoy won the 2010 Grand National at what number attempt?
    6. 15

    7. The nine Formula One championships between 1998 and 2006 were won by three drivers – all of whom won the title more than once in that time.  Name them.
    8. Mika Hakkinen (98/99), Michael Schumacher (00-04), Fernando Alonso (05/06)

    9. Who were the last football league champions before the formation of the Premiership in 1992?
    10. Leeds United

    11. Which triple gold-winning Olympian of 1988 died 10 years later at the age of 38?
    12. Florence Griffiths Joyner (Flo Jo)

    13. Which sport would you be watching if you went to see the Jester from Leicester?
    14. Snooker (Mark Selby)

    15. The game of golf sadly lost Seve Ballesteros in May 2012. How many major titles did Seve win in his career?
    16. 5 – 3 x The Open and 2 x Masters

    17. In Monopoly, what do you find in each of the four corners?
    18. Go, Jail, Go to Jail, Free Parking

    19. In 2010 the points system in Formula One changed.  How many places are now awarded points at the end of a race?
    20. 10

    Quiz Round 12

    1. Who would be wearing The White Jersey in the tour de France?
    2. Leading young rider

    3. What is the highest score that can be awarded by a figure-skating judge?
    4. 6

    5. What is the only letter in Scrabble worth 5 points?
    6. K

    7. Due to superstition, what didn’t Bjorn Borg do at Wimbledon?
    8. Shave

    9. Who was the only heavyweight champion to finish his boxing career with a perfect record? (49 wins and 0 defeats)
    10. Rocky Marciano

    11. Which national team introduced ‘Total Football’ at the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Germany
    12. Netherlands

    13. Based on the number of Major Championships won (9 in total, including all 4 Majors) who is the most successful golfer ever from outside the United States?
    14. Gary Player

    15. In an International Athletics Event how many throwing disciplines are there?
    16. 4 (hammer, discuss, javelin and shot)

    17. In a game of cricket, one umpire stands behind the bowler’s wicket, near what fielding position does the other umpire usually stand?
    18. Square leg

    19. Which position is found in Rugby Union but not in Rugby league?
    20. Flanker or Break Aways or Loose/Wing Forwards

    Quiz Round 13

    1. What was the name of the computer that defeated Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997?
    2. Deep Blue

    3. Who was Ayrton Senna’s team mate and key nemesis during his time at Maclaren?
    4. Alain Prost

    5. Amy Williams was the UK’s last gold medal winner at a Winter Olympics (in 2010). In what discipline did she win this medal?
    6. Skeleton

    7. Excluding 2012, give me one of the two previous occasions that London hosted the Olympic Games.
    8. 1908 and 1948

    9. In a traditional pack of playing cards, which is the only king not to have a moustache?
    10. Hearts

    11. In horse racing, what odds would be given if you were offered ‘carpet’?
    12. 3-1

    13. Which letter, other than X, scores an 8 in Scrabble?
    14. J

    15. If I were to go see a motor racing event at Interlagos, in what country would I be?
    16. Brazil

    17. How many dice are used in a casino game of craps?
    18. Two

    19. Which biennial sporting event was postponed in 2001 following the September 11th terrorist attack on New York?
    20. Ryder Cup (golf)